Price Guide


  • Being well organised helps to minimise our fees..
    • Incorrect or missing information, and information supplied in stages or multiple emails, can increase the time we must spend and, therefore, the cost. Our tax return checklists are designed to help you streamline and organise your information for tax time.
    • Repreparation fees will be charged if your tax return needs to be updated or amended more than once, unless by prior agreement.
  • We do not provide cash flow analysis & complex payroll advice. 
  • We will not lodge any tax returns until our fee is paid.
Tax Services for Individuals Indicative Prices including GST
One-Off Consult $385/hr for min. 2 hrs
Initial consultation – the first 15 minutes are complimentary to establish whether we’re a good fit for you, after which we charge based on time. $231 - 385 per hour after the initial 15 minutes.
Individual Tax Return – Employee For a typical employee using our online tax return questionnaire. This includes claiming some deductions, rebates and other sources of income e.g. bank interest, some dividends, managed fund annual statement. Also includes pre-meeting support, templates, and a 30-40 min. meeting to finalise your return. From $242
With complex, extensive or high-value deductions, special professions, and individual tax returns that require additional time and expertise. Additional $77 to $242
Sole Trader, not registered for GST Business Schedules – doesn’t include bookkeeping or accounts re-preparation. Additional $297
Sole Trader, registered for GST with self-prepared Business Activity Statements & Summary. No Financials: Additional $407

With Financials: Additional $836

Foreign Income Schedules and tax residency issues – can be simple or very complex. Additional $77
Rental Property – with accompanying agent statement and totals recorded on our checklist. Fees can be shared between owners, e.g. one property with two owners. (It will cost more for us to summarise expenses for you) Additional $176 per property
Capital Gains for Property – with original costs, with an asset register you provide. From $242
Capital Gains for Shares and crypto – Preparation of Asset Register for shares purchased & sold. Excluding complex transactions e.g. Employee Share Schemes. Additional $44 for every 5 transactions
Annual GST Return (With summary prepared by you) From $242
Amended Tax Return - For small changes to returns originally prepared by us, this may be free. For amending returns prepared by other accountants, fees vary with complexity. From $176
Client Update (CU) Form – if not required to lodge a tax return, includes provision of advice. From $55 to $165
Correspondence - Quick emails, phone calls and incidentals related to completing and lodging your tax return. Complementary if under 5 mins (incl. prep time & fact-finding)
Business Tax and Accounting Services
Initial consultation – the first 15 minutes are complimentary (companies and partnerships only) to establish whether we’re a good fit for your business, after which we charge based on time. $231 - $385 per hour after the initial 15 minutes.
Company, Partnership or Trust Tax Return
- Includes preparation of Annual Set of Accounts with ledgers, journals and reconciled financial statements.
- Includes review of the annual accounts and a basic plan for the following financial year.
- Additional fees apply for BAS, Annual GST, PAYG, FBT and Super Reporting statements.
Partnerships: from $1100.

Trusts & Companies: from $1,210.

(Typical Businesses with an annual turnover of $200,000 will cost $1,320 and $2,200.)

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Business Activity Statements (BAS) – The fees vary for all types of activity statements depending on the size and scale of your business and the account preparation required. From $231.

Typically, $286-$396, plus software costs.

Preparing and lodging ABN and GST-related registration forms, ASIC forms From $110
ASIC Company Annual Review $275
Trust Distribution Resolution From $132


Other Services – Administration and Bookkeeping
Collating, printing and sending you a ‘replacement copy’ of your tax return and related schedules. From $44
Application for a Private Ruling; Objection to an ATO Decision; Assisting with an Audit. From $363
Bookkeeping and accounts preparation, data entry, classifying transactions, GST coding, bank accounts reconciliation. Payment of a deposit is required before we start work. $132/hr subject to availability.
Xero Setup From $363 for basic bank feed

From $792 for full package