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We help West Australians make the most of their hard work by minimising tax and positioning them to grow real wealth.

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Your Financial Turning Point

Phil Griffiths
Phil Griffiths

Every day we speak to hard working West Australians who aren't sure if they are getting all they can from their income. Many have spent too long wondering without taking any action.

The best time to take hold of your finances is today.

With over 30 years experience we can help you realise your financial goals.

Whether it's an early retirement, or net wealth figure - we can set, optimise and formulate your way towards financial freedom.

Have a chat with us today and like so many of our clients, look back on your meeting with Giffiths Advisory as your financial turning point.

Meet the Team

Phil Griffiths

Phil Griffiths

Sini Lu

Sini Lu

Tram Le

Tram Le

Karen Feng

Karen Feng


Miranda Ngo

Sarah Black

Sarah Black

Amy Griffiths

Amy Griffiths


Chrissy Griffiths


Chloe Tso

Mitch Griffiths

Mitch Griffiths

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