Accounting Software Options

Accounting Software Options

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is they purchase accounting software beyond their business needs and level of accounting skill. This leads to considerable frustration and records being nothing more than a “computerised shoebox”. With so many software options available it is easy to become confused.

BankLink We highly recommend BankLink for its user friendly package suitable for most small businesses. BankLink automates and streamlines the accounting process by providing direct data feeds from over 100 financial institutions along with a range of tools tailored to the needs of small businesses. It provides a link between the bank and us which will save you time and money. We would be very happy to discuss the benefits of using BankLink in your business.

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MYOB MYOB offers a large variety of accounting packages aimed primarily at medium to large businesses, some with integrated payroll, accounts payable and account receivable.

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Xero Xero offers Invoicing, Bill Payment and Inventory Tracking – everything on the go with Xero. Real-time Data. Simple to Use. Track Cashflow. Invoice Creation. Services: Accounting Software, Payroll, Invoices, Expenses, GST, Reporting. It is aimed at small to medium size businesses.

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    Graeme & Sue Betteridge
    Phil Griffiths has been accountant for our family company and our three siblings for many years and in 2008 setup our SMSF. Phil guided us through the process of setting up a loan through our SMSF for an investment property. After reading about problems other investors have had with SMSF loans for investments, we realise that his complete professionalism has saved us from pain and tax department problems by ensuring all our financial statements and mandatory reporting requirements comply with…
    Graeme & Sue Betteridge